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Advance registration for 2017 is now closed.  You may register at Atwater Estate Vineyards on Friday, July 21 or Saturday, July 22.

Atwater Estate Vineyards

5055 NY St. Rte. 414

Burdett, NY

​​Why Register?    When you register, you support the event, you help area greyhound adoption groups, you get the word out about greyhound adoption, and you help us keep bringing a major national greyhound event to the central New York area.

Registration includes the opportunity to taste wine, beer and distilled spirits at 30 area wineries or brew pubs around Seneca Lake.   Registration includes ten free tasting passes and reduced tasting fees (usually $1) after that.

While most wineries charge about $3-8 apiece for a tasting, our Grapehounds folks can taste at ten wineries for free using their passes and then just $1 per person after that.   Even many of those $1 fees are waived with a purchase of wine.

All participating wineries assure us that your greyhound is welcome at their facility.

Each registrant gets a tote bag, a Grapehounds wine or beer glass, and maps and directions for the event.  You will also be sent an ebooklet via email about a week before the event begins to detail your plans.

When you click on the Register  button, we will ask you if you plan to register as an Early Bird to begin wine tasting before our Welcome event on Thursday evening, July 20.  Or you may choose to register to arrive at or after our Welcome event. Please indicate your intention to arrive early during registration if you plan to begin wine tasting before our Welcome event.  Because our registration activities occur at different wineries throughout the weekend, we need to know if you are coming early so we can have your registration stuff at the Early Bird winery ahead of time.

Please make sure to use a valid email and telephone number at registration.  If your emails come back to us, we may need a valid telephone number to reach you.

The Grapehound           Wine Tour®

Event Location for 2017

The event this year will be hosted on the east shore of Seneca Lake at Atwater Estate Vineyards, 5055 NY St Rte 414 (seven miles north of Walmart in Watkins Glen).  

Advance Registration Recommended

We strongly encourage everyone who plans to attend this event to register in advance.  There are two good reasons for this.

First, registration is only $31 when done in advance;  it is $35 at the door.   Second, it allows us to order materials like tote bags and wine glasses in advance so that we have enough for everyone who registers in advance.

Registration by mail is available.  You may register by mail. Please send an email to Grapehound@gmail.com and we will send you a form to complete.    Be sure to indicate if you wish to use our Early Bird feature to begin tasting wine before the event officially begins.

​​​​Online Registration

You may register now via our online store using your major credit card or Paypal.   We will send you an Ebooklet before the event, but we will need some details information with your registration, including a correct email address.

In the information you include with your purchase, please be sure to include:

1) the name of each person registering;

2) the email address to which we should send your ebooklet;

3) a valid phone number*;

4) whether or not you wish to arrive early to taste wine (Early Bird) before our Welcome event on Thursday evening, July 20th.

People sometimes ask us why do you need our telephone number? 

You'd be surprised how many people mis-type their email address.  Once your email comes back to us, we have no other way to confirm your registration, contact you about an issue, or email you your Ebooklet before the event.  We have sometimes had to sit down and write someone a letter to get in touch with them.  Please give us a telephone contact number just in case.​

The Grapehound Wine Tour®  - New York Registration 

 July 20-23, 2017